Struggling with her mysterious need to frequently die and come back to life, Eve (Stephanie Koenig) begins to unravel the reason behind her unique existence when she teams up with a young woman who relives others’ deaths, a young man who talks to ghosts, a cursed immortal, and his electrically charged brother to solve a series of supernatural murders.

You can check out more of Stephanie's work in the Hulu show The 4to9ers. Some of her feature films include Burying the Ex (with Ashley Green and Alexandra Daddario), Into the Storm (with Richard Armitage), Highland Park (with Danny Glover and Parker Posey) and Quad (with Aaron Paul).

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Cas (Zach Bostrom) was born with deadly electricity raging through him. His two-thousand-year existence has been fraught with the anguish of losing everyone he’s ever loved. His only remaining tie is to the brother, Alaric, he vehemently hates.

Zach's first acting gig was at three years old on the series Fame with Janet Jackson. Since then he's had recurring roles on series such as Full HouseYoung and the Restless, and So Little Time. He has guest starred on shows like CSI: Las VegasWill and GraceJAGClose to Home90210, and Days of Our Lives. He was a series regular on Harry and the Hendersons, where he won two Youth and Film awards playing the character Ernie. He's also starred in movies for television like Disney's Johnny Tsunami, Hallmark's Night of the Wolf (with Anne Archer and Robert Urich), ABC's Aliens For Breakfast (with Sinbad and Shelley Duvall), and he was even Greg Brady's son in A Very Brady Christmas

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Raised to believe the ghosts he saw and heard were not real, Jax (Cole Shoemaker) now proudly uses this ability to help solve crimes as Alaric’s straight-laced partner.

Cole Shoemaker is one of four brothers born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. As a leap-year kid, he is technically only five years old! An alum of Hart High, Cole is currently majoring in Communications at ASU. He has also been pursuing an acting career in film and theater, most recently playing Nick Carraway in a production of The Great Gatsby at the The Repertory East Playhouse. 

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Affected by more than a hundred magical curses, Alaric has learned to love every aspect of his immortal life. As a supernatural investigator and assassin, he embraces being a protector of humanity.

After growing up in a small town in Ohio, Eric moved to New York City upon graduating college. Here, he booked a few television, film and theater projects, including a role in an Off-Broadway show which earned him his equity card as well as various meetings in Los Angeles. After four years in NYC he felt it was time to make the move to LA. TV and film credits include: “Young and the Restless,” a supporting role in an upcoming feature film, and a short film produced by James Franco.

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Touching a corpse causes Z (Chelsea Alden) to relive the last minutes of the deceased’s life. Her intimate knowledge of death might pay well, but it prevents her from knowing how to live.


Chelsea was raised on the outskirts of Los Angeles by her mother, who encouraged her artistic behavior from a young age. She began making waves in 2013 with her series regular role on the popular comedy series The Online Gamer by Reckless Tortuga, and the comedic murder mystery series, Red Scare.
Chelsea is currently in production as the leading role on her third film with Pigrat Productions, We All Scream. Other TV credits include, The MentalistiCarlyNathan for You &  Grounded for Life.

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